About & Contact Info

I am a pretty simple guy and deeply complex, all at once.

As in this pic, I sort of live life on an angle, and I hope my writing reflects that.

I’ve journeyed far, been through a lot, and thought it was time to start putting it “out there”. It’s more for me than anything else, but if you enjoy it or benefit from it, bonus!

Feel free to “follow” me on Facebook at Ben Kohns (I’m the only one with a “s” on the end – be careful of all the Ben “Kohn” profiles out there – one of them is the CEO of Playboy enterprises. He is not me. Please don’t friend request me. If I don’t know you, I won’t accept. Everything is public, though, so gawk away.

If you want to get to know me, I enjoy comments on the blog and will always respond. If you want to talk or ask something “off the grid” you can email me at kohnsben@gmail.com

I’m pretty good with email correspondence, but don’t give up if you don’t hear back within a couple days. I have a “real” job and do this for my sanity when I have time and energy.

You can also check out my Twitter feed @bkohns. I mostly like and comment on others’ work, but it will still give you a peek into my worldview, assuming you care.


  1. I personally like:

    Are you in, or out?
    Be still now. You have chosen
    I accept my fate

    better, but I like them both. The repeated “heartbeat” line of the original is powerful, but “accept my fate” against “you have chosen” is a cool contradiction of terms. If it’s fate, do we really choose?

    Thanks again for the ride. Having them meted our every day or two was deliciously tantalizing.


  2. Hi Ben, Thank you for your comments on the “Pour une person?” Glad you enjoyed it. What did you think was the better of the two alternative endings? It is great when someone follows all the way through a little series like that. Much appreciated. Chris


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