happy place

If you know me, you know I DON’T SMILE LIKE THAT.

Catching My Breath

I know, I know, my writing has been spotty (at best) for the last couple months. Ironically, this wordless patch … More

What a Trip – #SoCS

Little things piled up. Thing which, under normal circumstances, would have rolled off my back, but they ALL. HAPPENED. AT. ONCE.

Into the Gray – #SoCS

These days, anyone who says the Bible is “crystal clear” on anything beyond “God is love” is immediately suspect in my mind.

A Diagnosis is Not a Label – #SoCS

…here is where I take issue with how she eventually got to her place of peace. She (mistakenly, in my opinion) allows a diagnosis to become a label. She becomes afraid of her diagnosis because others are afraid of her diagnosis.

Some Missing Pieces Aren’t Meant to be Filled. – #SoCS

Here’s the truth: we’re all incomplete puzzles and will likely ALWAYS be incomplete, even if we finally get our shit together with healthy spirituality, quality therapy and/or the right medication. In fact, spirituality, therapy and meds just help us deal with the fact that we have missing pieces and (hopefully) stop us from trying to fill those holes with unhealthy actions, relationships, or substances.


Why do I miss the easy stuff?