Enlarged Heart

Last night, my adopted son who bears my name met his paternal biological grandparents for the first time. He also got to meet a half-sister and a cousin.

It started with a “23andMe” match several years ago. COVID threw a big wrench into plans to meet. But finally – there we were.

Here we are.

There were nerves. There was excitement.

And there was so. much. love.

And gratitude. On all sides.

Grandpa and Grandma entranced with their family tales of a life mingled with celebrities and politicians, but FAR beyond that, they enfolded – totally and completely – us into their family. All of us.

Because the birth mother knows nothing of the father and vice-versa, I’m not going to share names or pictures here, though I desperately want to, because it was beautiful.

The most beautiful of all?

The tears of joy my son fought back (he’s 13 after all), and the big hug I got from him, completely unsolicited, when Grandpa thanked us for giving Ben the life he never would have had if we had not adopted him.

These are the moments I will treasure when times are tough.

And yeah – sometimes it’s really rough.

But today, I rejoice and give thanks.

Our family has been enlarged.

Along with my heart.


  1. Thank you, I thought there were no more highs in life for me because God has given me everything I wish for, so to me my life was Bless and my Cup had overflowed from God Blessing, but yesterday I knew what the three wise men who had found baby Jesus felt with the happiness, yesterday that you ,Sue and the Star of Bethlehem brought a new life, in my life and that life had been protected all these years by two Angels, Ben and Sue, There are no words I can use to describe my happiness and thanks to you Ben Sue.and God. I have learned in life God doesn’t make you Beg or repeat thank you when it comes from your heart with truth. But again ‘thank you God, Ben and Sue” for taking a child who would have had a very difficult life without you and my ignorance of his existing in this world.ay God keep Blessing.

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