Puppet Government

Kermit is cute.
but signing trade deals is “right out”
I love the Lonely Goatherd scene
but wouldn’t turn it into public policy.
Not even in antediluvian Austria

With eyes of ping pong balls
puppets are blind to the distress of the defenseless
The smell of decaying corpses goes undetected
by noses made of reticulated polyfoam.
Can they hear the weeping?  The shouts for justice?
Taste the bitterness of infected elections?
And touch?
Don’t get me started.
The dishwasher might as well take the dog for a walk.

Our own senses jumble.

Human senses.
Common senses.

See what we should Smell
Touch what we should Hear

Solution It, my boss would say
Given the fluidity, look at things holistically
I’ll circle back

Time to remove the hand.  Cut some strings.
Puppets have little say with no hands to move their mouths.
Stringless marionettes fall lifeless.

Raison d’être?  Nada.

Actually, Kermit isn’t even cute
the way he shakes his head all over
Demanding Applause

Little Benjie learned to read from Kermit and friends
He loved his PBS pedagogues
Long, long ago.  When puppets had purpose.

Yeet!  says my boy. 
no idea.
had to Google it.
“to travel in a hurled manner”

They yeeted Kermit from Sesame Street when he got famous.

Is there a future for puppets?
Lies continue to be measured by Pinocchio.


These manipulated figureheads do not inspire trust
4 Pinocchios
by the thousands
the outmoded press briefing of ideas made Fact

A lie told long enough does not become truth
Reality does not change with the length of Pinocchio’s nose
Science says his wooden neck would have snapped after lie #13

Disney rarely tells you everything
It lies by omission

Did you know Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket?
Throws a hammer at him for offering advice
“It was his own fault, for I didn’t want to kill him”
Tastes familiar.  No, wait. Is that right?
Pinocchio is later hung by his “friends”
the ones who told him gold coins grow on trees.

When you wish upon a star
Stop.  Just don’t.

Geppetto did the wishing
not Pinocchio
Remember that.

I lose track of who is Puppet and who is Master
Strings to make them jump and dance
Hands shoved up their butts to give them voice

Author’s Note: Found this video AFTER writing the poem. Yes. Really.

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