1. I apologize for the following lengthy ramble, but I kinda got all philosophical like.

    When battling block, a little self-referential (and self-deprecating) whimsy is … therapeutic.

    And since we’ve all been there, we can all commiserate. So a little playfulness wends its way through 4 times 5-7-5 and we happily go along for the ride.

    Besides, Stephen KIng in his masterful exploration “On Writing” notes that he writes, everyday, no matter how bad he thinks it’s going any particular day. 10,000 words, minimum. And no matter how bad it actually is, something good often comes out of it. If nothing else, even a bad day of writing is better than not writing at all.

    So, kudos to you for braving it out.

    I’ve stopped censoring myself. I write a poem, I post it. I’m often surprised that the poems I like best sometimes receive tepid attention, while many of the ones I’m less than enamoured with are well loved. I’ve come to understand that a poem is never finished until it has been read, and the reader is the final author of the poem’s meaning and quality. So, I put it out there so people can finish it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. I thought it was good.
        It ties together beer and redemption, two important pillars of life.

        Seriously, have you ever wondered about some of these bloggers who scrawl something semi-coherent, with notable errors of spelling and grammar, then suddenly have 96 “likes” ?
        It makes you wonder.


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