what the hell

And what the hell
with George Floyd?

Gonna let ALL the anger out

a mix of
rage and heart-sickness
profound sadness
righteous indignation

And speechless wonder
at the brutality of it all

at the tacit approval
of anyone who could really
make a difference

but there is still us
there is we
we don’t have to be silent
we can make a difference

so I want to know how
to do better
to do more

find myself
at a loss

how to “give away my power”
to the one
to the many
who need it.

What does that even look like?
Speaking a truth
into someone else’s experience


wise guides say:

turn back racism
wherever we see it

no matter how small.

NO tolerance
not with children.
not even immature joking

Moment in History
Life Magazine Book
inherited from siblings
even the 11-year-old sees it

white people
more white people
and still more white people

in music
in movies

hitting smack in the face

time to wake up.
I know.

overused, because
too many
still sleep

breathing air
in and out
so recently used by others
who no longer need it.

what the hell.


    1. Thanks, cousin! I’m not sure all of our clan appreciates my… tenacity… or tone, but I’m done being apologetic about things that are too important.


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