though all around
was dark and cold
the light and warmth within
had told me

until you see the sun
with gladsome rays
that bid you

the heat within you
will sustain,
but stand here
– still –
you will remain
quite frozen as your brothers
flee from empty space
too dark to see.

So walk, then run
toward rising sun
the others wait there,
lives begun

your chill-bumped skin
will thaw by touch
from others’ blood flow
deep within.
I walked, then ran,
found all was true
The ones that I was looking for
were you.

Yes, all of you.
not one or two
to turn my fingers, frosted blue,
to healthy shades of
fleshy pink, like nature meant,
at least, I think.

The fiddler on the roof
was sad;
“tradition” made him look quite mad.
turns out “the way we’ve always done”
a recipe for cold
no sun will shine to make tradition
warm like wine.
conduction – in towards out
come close to feel what we’re about.

Get off the roof and join the dance
where skin and souls touch
now’s your chance to feel
and feel
and feel some more
this thing that’s waited at your core
for years just waiting for some touch
to bring it forth
we’ve lost so much – and can’t relive
so just move forward

The sun is in the sky, it’s true
but warmth for life
it comes from you.

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