Oh My Gosh, Does That Suck…

Be sure to watch the clips and click the links – they complete the experience…

Bill Murray in “Scrooged” – 1988

I can take criticism as well as the next guy.

Oh, who am I kidding? No – I can’t.

Actually, let me rephrase: I can take valid “constructive” criticism related to things about which I can effect reasonable change and make operational and/or personal improvements.

The rest is dispiriting, demotivating, and, let’s be honest, mean-spirited.

I recently finished a client business review with which I was pleased before, during and after the presentation.

Until I received an instant message 30 seconds afterwards that may as well have said, “Oh my gosh, did that suck.”

Because I am in regular contact with my delivery team and the client stakeholders, I’m aware of their needs and expectations, I’m aware of their communication styles, we’ve developed a level of rapport where we have “inside jokes”, and I know what they will be interested in seeing in terms of performance metrics and open to receiving as suggested improvements to “challenges”.

The sender of the criticism to me was aware of none of that –

(which is another story altogether).

And the criticism focused solely on that lack of awareness.

It wasn’t even the classic “shit sandwich”“Really nice job on X. I have some suggestions and concerns about Y for the future, but overall, I thought it was very Z”

And really, the shit sandwich is a poor management technique as well. This concept was popularized by the smash best-seller “The One Minute Manager”. I got news for you – if you can manage in “one minute”, you’re doing it wrong.

But it beats the hell out of serving shit cold on a platter.

That’s it. That’s the post. Just needed to vent a little.

Onward and upward.

Maybe I’ll try something like this next time…

Bill Murray in “Scrooged” – 1988

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