sorry, mom?

is swearing permitted?

not the
“out, damned spot!”

but a full-throated
what the actual fuck?

words have power
why have power if not to wield it?

Mutually Assured Destruction

is that the only reason
we’re all

god, I hope it’s due to more
than the protracted fear
of button pushing.

despite what they tell you,
people like having their

who has the bigger button?
who, indeed.

and in the end,
does size really matter?

my ratio of swears to “SAT words”?
1:4, maybe?

have you SEEN my vocabulary?
damn, it’s big.


fucking. huge.

my personal parlance…
a unique mélange
of foul and fair.

exquisite or revolting?

you be the judge.

just know,
dear reader,
your judgement of me
no longer fucking matters.

sorry, mom?

Our prompt today (optional, as always), is to write a poem that poses a series of questions. The questions could be a mix of the serious (“What is the meaning of life?”) and humorous (“What’s the deal with cats knocking things off tables?”), the interruptive (“Could you repeat that?”) and the conversational (“Are those peanuts? Can I have some?”). You can choose to answer them – or just let the questions keep building up, creating a poem that asks the reader to come up with their own answer(s).

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