Everything’s Alright

On and on life spins, but not out of control.
More like the old Motorola rola-ing reliably at 33 RPM’s,
As the fancy record changing spindle
Splats the next vinyl disc on the turntable bringing music to my ears:
Donny Osmond, Elton John, Jim Croce
Neil Diamond, Mozart, Bach.

No one person has to check all the boxes.

Then I wait, contemplate, hesitate
As life tells me my options are fewer than I thought
Didn’t think I’d have to deal with fear and hate
while in this state of finding which song needs to play today
“You like Barbra? And Judy?” – The “gays” love them, too.
Who told you you’re allowed to rain on my parade?
Oh God… maybe someday.
Somewhere. Over the rainbow.

No one person has to check all the boxes.

The time has come to synthesize, metamorphize, anthropomorphize
In a new way, to a new song, as the next record drops…
I hear it’s actually not good for the vinyl – oh well –
That skip in Jesus Christ Superstar will always have a special place:
If you try, you’ll get by – try, you’ll get by – try, you’ll get by – try, you’ll get by…
Everything’s alright, yes, everything’s fine…

No one person has to check all the boxes.

Today’s form is at the suggestion of TWO friends, so it must be a sign. This is the “Bop”, pioneered by Afaa Michael Weaver.

Not unlike the Shakespearean sonnet in trajectory, the Bop is a form of poetic argument consisting of three stanzas, each stanza followed by a repeated line, or refrain, and each undertaking a different purpose in the overall argument of the poem.

The first stanza (six lines long) states the problem, and the second stanza (eight lines long) explores or expands upon the problem. If there is a resolution to the problem, the third stanza (six lines long) finds it. If a substantive resolution cannot be made, then this final stanza documents the attempt and failure to succeed.


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