What Once Was Known – Sonnet XXIX

I wake to see the chrysalis transluce
A portent of the life soon bursting through
Or less a burst and more a letting loose
of feet which crawled built now to fly anew
My camera set lest any movement missed
of course, now watched, no stirring to be seen
but wings I see prepared to writhe and twist
It seems I’ve caught the long wait in between
I’ll stay, as all will come when time is right
there’s no too soon or late for such as this;
no rushing life to freedom or to flight.
I walk away, then back – to miss – remiss
And now I see a shuddering at last;
What once was known is now forever past.


    1. I freaking love writing sonnets. I think the are some of my best work. But as soon as people see “sonnet” in the title, I literally drop by about 30% in clicks. Why are people afraid of sonnets?


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