‘Tis heaven’s heat which rescues from cold hell.

With love from you, my billowed mainsail fills,
And pushes us toward an unknown sea.
I know some days blow hard while some hold stills;
It matters not if you are here with me.

From telescope we see horizon blank;
The earth’s great curve concealing what’s beyond.
Though many ships before set sail and sank,
Our “something” calls us certain ‘cross the pond.

Look all you want, from here you shall not see;
‘Tis forward only which reveals what’s there.
While timid souls content themselves to flee
We’ve now weighed anchor into salted air

The shore behind – “Land ho” far from our lips;
We’ve only “Now” atop the icy blue.
A side glance gale perchance may cause some tips,
But upright stay as long as I’m with you.

Onward still, the curve yet unrevealing,
Yet sailors past assure a World awaits.
The unknown scares us not with stars as ceiling;
Nor depths below which buoy us through straits.

Who does these things? Such voyageurs are mad!
‘Tis true, the strong of mind might venture not.
But stay aground and dream of things not had?
No more a choice – dare not be left with aught.

Away, aweigh, ’tis love which calls us forth;
The love which calls shall push us there as well.
When globe reveals what’s east, west, south or north
‘Tis heaven’s heat which rescues from cold hell.


  1. Ben, I knew from the title that this would be exquisite. That’s why I haven’t read it until now. I wanted to be able to give plenty of time to read it. Your poetry, my friend, is UNDERrated! I can’t believe this doesn’t have more likes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I don’t have many followers is part of the issue with “likes”, plus my good stuff tends to be in the more classic styles and forms, which don’t seem to get as much reader love. 🤷🏼‍♂️


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