..and as the air seemed

From the heart and mind of my eldest… I love you, Jordan Kohns!

..and as the air seemed
to slip from my lungs,
i felt my heart shatter
into pieces
as it hit the ground.
my heart felt
as if it was on fire.
like it hit lava,
and burn up all
the scattered pieces
of my heart until
there was nothing
i gave you everything a person could.
i had nothing without you.
you swept me up.
everything we had.
every piece of me you had.
you took with you.
begging you to stay,
i watched you walk away.
lost and scared of
what to come.
scared that no one could make
me feel the same
way you did.
the only piece of my
heart that remains,
is the piece that you
hold in your heart.
a piece of me that belongs
to you.
and a piece of your
heart that belongs to me.
and i will guard that that piece
for the rest of my life.
i will make sure no one will
ever be able to touch it.
i will protect it with my life.
cross my heart.
i promise.

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