Naked Bouquet

NaPoWriMo – Day 6

Today’s (optional) prompt is again drawn from our archives, and builds off our daily resource. Take a look around Poetry International for a poem in a language you don’t know. For example, I grabbed this one in Finnish by Olli Heikkonen. Now, read the poem to yourself, thinking about the sound and shape of the words, and the degree to which they remind you of words in your own language. Use those correspondences as the basis for a new poem.

i demand the palest of champagne
at this very hour.
i will partake. you will see me.
i know this.
you will come to me through forest
and over mountains;
you will see
i have changed little over these many years

i am stuck in your head; i just
without seeing me,
you see Us…
Our Two Hearts; Our Clasped Hands.

evening awaits, and our tryst must last the day.

not that I regard the night as love’s tomb;
no, let us descend, spreading petals on the floor.
and when we arrive,
i will mock the tomb…
Naked Bouquet in hand.

The selected foreign language poem was Victor Hugo – Demain Dès L’aube

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