Looks cooler in French.

Sipping Perrier and smoking a cigarette, wearied from the day’s Nonsense.
Smoke curls up, up
Dissipating into nothing, pairing nicely with the bubbles in the water
Day forgotten? No, just numbed.
Perrier was the chaser.
Truth be told, there was no Perrier. Or cigarette.
Accidental French was a jumping off place
Nothing cool about this fatigue
Tonight, vodka and tonic did the trick.

The day’s events, so troublesome
Employees, employers

Momentarily helpless
Actually fetal for a time
Untethered from technological Torture
Meditative music
Fruitless at finding
My Center.

So out of center
Centrifugal force is messy
Clay on the wheel
Pitched across the room

Gotta start over.

Pulled it back together
Finished out the day
So, there’s that.

Tired poetry.

Wanted to see
What would happen.

Keep writing at 6:00 am.
Before tired happens
Or vodkacation.


  1. Interesting smoky poem.
    Grammatical note:
    in French, fatigué is masculine, fatiguée is the feminine form of the adjective (extra e) so maybe you were channeling your inner Brigitte Bardot (?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d like to say there is more mystery to my choice of masculine/feminine adjective usage, but the truth is a bit pedestrian. I have a French keyboard installed on my phone so I can converse with a friend and easily use accents, and this tired, vodkacated male poet ended up fatiguée.


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