the creature

always coiled
ready to strike

always striking?

at you, perhaps
but mostly at me

he has burrowed deep
this one.
embodiment of
and all my myriad fears

looks like both insect and viper
as I am bugged and bitten

where does he live?
why can’t I find him and

turns out
he’s here for a reason.

fight or flight

but I am no longer
instinct need not rule my world

so we talk
my coiled creature and I
tell him
“I’ve got this”
even when it’s false bravado

no need to fight
no need to flee
just Be
and Be Enough

these sorts of “things”
oft require lip service
before the body follows

so the lips continue
to reason with the unreasonable

and I pray for the body
and synchronicity.


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