thinking thrice

it seems I’ve had too much advice
no longer know what should be next
the vast opinions have me vexed
one thinks too long, one will think thrice.

the cliche question – men or mice?
today, a rodent in a can
thought that I was close to man
pray he escapes, runs out the door
that mouse becomes a man once more
back to the place from which he ran.

ronovanwrites decima challenge #9 – “Next” in the B spot

1 Comment

  1. Trying to rhyme without the prompt,
    can leave you feeling as though hexed.
    Without a rhyme, you remain vexed.
    Frustration rising till you scream.
    Brains on fire your ears release steam.
    Now your mind runs free like the wind.
    Allows your genius to ascend.
    Now no longer scowls with a frown
    Getting those around feeling down.
    All turns out well penned in the end.

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