caterpillar gone
chrysalis does the work now
soon flies the monarch

when will it emerge?
what will it be, after this?
we know, still we wait

here, all mystery
green curtain shrouding the change
nature’s great magic

phase one is so fun
tiny gorging to fatness
then hangs in a “J”

now, the enigma
who knows what happens within?
but changing for sure

soon it will shudder
will wake from the morphing sleep
emerging for flight

Pic and a Word Challenge – Sorta


  1. A beautiful coupling of poems. And a wonderful pairing with images. Thanks!

    Butterflies have been a favoured theme of mine, especially the transformation from caterpillar to winged angel.

    The chrysalis itself, especially for monarch butterflies, is a beautiful expression of nature’s design. However, within the vessel a rather violent and gooey rending of what was enables the transition to what will be.

    This kind of transformation is not unfamiliar to those of us who’ve made any significant changes in our lives.

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