changing aunt jemima

sometimes changes
seem random
and without purpose.
those are the hardest to make. Truly.

look carefully
at the final line
of the previous quatrain –
two spaces after the period.

WRONG – says MLA
WRONG – says APA
WRONG – says the Chicago Manual of Style
WRONG – says Microsoft – those young whipper-snappers

whose fancy fonts are built
to give the eye needed space
where we used to be





I’ve typed for 4 decades
(somehow that sounds
better than 40 years).
and have formed many habits

hard to break
partly, I don’t see the point
even though I see the point

My French friends will get
the “point” point.
not everyone gets everything;
that’s why we learn.

back to the point – the period.
what is my motivation to change?
if it ain’t broke don’t break it
seems like a sensible truism

but some things need to be broken.
spaces need to be… un-spaced.
muscle memory
doesn’t make me right.

If you don’t “get” how the title and the image go with the rest of the poem, read more deeply and think about your reaction to “unnecessary” change. If you still need help, message me. 🙂


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