shine, sun

I need to be where sunlight shines
its glow transforming – outside, in.
in darkness, body – soul – opines
for brightness that will finally win

win what? you ask – I ask myself
the battle isn’t always clear.
sometimes the win is on the shelf
not in the book I hold so dear

but back to sunlight – I digress
its purifying powers prove
I need it more and more, not less
as inner clouds begin to move

why do I live in so much gray?
beyond geography, I mean.
with climate here, I don’t hold sway
but in my mind – a different scene

I choose my darkness, graying skies
if I stay longer – that’s on me
for now I see my truth was lies
“Let the Sun Shine”“Let it Be”

I’ve always loved those songs – nice tunes
the lyrics may have pierced my ears
but now my heart hears words – soul swoons
I missed them far too many years

my time to let the shining in
it’s been there all along, you see
so hidden, deep in shade I’ve been
soon shadow-free – Pure Light on me

seems silly that it took this long
I took the hard road – that’s my thing
no more “my thing” – that way was wrong
the right way will the sunshine bring


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