I am a poor wayfaring stranger
While traveling through this world of woe
Yet there’s no sickness, toil or danger
in that bright world to which I go.

I know dark clouds were headin’ around me
I know my way is tough and steep
Yet beautious fields lie just before me
Where God’s redeemed their vigils keep.

traditional American Folk Song

sounds romantic

but wander too long
you may get lost

and beauteous fields
lie too far beyond
the wasteland

some think the
“bright world”
is beyond
this life.


find redemption now.

yes, the way is
tough and steep

but ever worth the climb.

Pic and a Word Challenge

This week, let’s play the Thesaurus Game with any synonym of the word “Vagabond”, or find something else to inspire you in this photograph of the Panamint Valley, taken from the Father Crowley Outlook in Death Valley National Park, California, United States of America.

The Pic and a Word Challenge is a weekly creativity prompt offered Mondays.

  • Add a comment on this post to announce your response
  • Apply the tag/hashtag “Pic and a Word Challenge” or “#picandawordchallenge” to your post


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