The Rainbow Sonnets – IV, V, & VI

It’s Not like either of them went away,
Those two-score years of mostly Wedded Bliss;
They both were there each Night and every Day,
But common Ins and Outs caused them to miss
The highest Highs and lowest Lows of Life,
Which add to Canvas – Color – Polychrome.
Just played the Roles as given – Husband, Wife
And painted all Slate Gray the rooms of Home
Believed in time that “Constant” would negate
The lack of colors that they “Should” have brought
“Good Things Will Come to Those Who Wait” – and wait,
Was Not the lesson Day to Day had taught.

Then Clarity arrived at once, so Fast
Paint with the Rainbow, Life will come at last

Well Done! the Others knowingly gave praise;
Here, take this Brush and paint like Us – just so.
THIS color scheme will lead you from your Maze,
And soon you’ll See the “Truth” that We now Know.
Both stood, prepared to paint new Views Unseen,
Not knowing where to start, they looked around.
Art like their Art? is that the Kind they mean?
Or is there Something Different to be found?
For Paint by Numbers isn’t to Create;
It’s filling in a Scene designed by Man.
They thought that they had passed beyond the Gate
But found themselves inside Some Others’ Plan.

Time to create a World that’s theirs Anew,
With Colors, Shapes for them alone to view.

If others want to watch, then let them look;
“Authentic” means that run and hide is through.
Those viewers cannot read to them a Book
That teaches one plus one is never two.
It’s true there is a Unity in place,
But recognizing Self can’t be denied.
And if the Two as Selves can share One Space;
They view Expansive Firmament so wide.
Now back to Rainbows, stretched from Sky to Sky;
No pot of Gold at one end will they find.
Instead, the prism fractures Truth from Lie;
They see a Spectrum – Eyes no longer Blind.

Returning Home with Colors, hand in hand;
To Paint the Walls with Hues no longer Banned.


  1. All the sonnets are very well done. I like the lines “Art like their Art? is that the Kind they mean? / Or is there Something Different to be found?”
    I feel like that is very applicable. It makes me think about how I always felt “weird” and “oversensitive.” That was the message I got, mostly subconsciously, from other people. But the only way I can make good art and live the best life is to embrace my personality. I’m learning how to harness my empath personality, and other aspects that I had viewed as negative, so that they can become strengths.
    Didn’t mean to write an essay in the comment box! 😅 That’s just how I relate to your poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No apologies! Thank you for writing. This set of sonnets is super personal and specific to my experience, so I was hoping there was some relatability to others with different experiences.


    1. Really? It was written so painstakingly I was afraid I probably “over-wrought” it. Does it have any “universality” to it or does it seem inextricably linked to my experience?


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