Falling Water

Here is my SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) entry based on my visits to waterfalls yesterday. The rules for SoCS is NO EDITING, which is hard, hard, hard for me. Nevertheless, here it is.

Cool water

Crashes on stones
from heights above

Composing a song
of peace and joy

of laughter

white noise,
but the best color
of white I’ve ever heard

As it leaves the falls
the laughter fades
but joy persists
in the babble

Such a small amount of water
which just created
Such a spectacle

It all connects –
the high
the low
the laughter
the murmur
the babbling

Awe at gravity’s ability
to take a simple compound
and create wondrous joy
and riotous laughter
one moment

Then peaceful contemplation
the next,
as it travels from




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