downstream – #SoCS

Is it still
stream of consciousness
if I keep deleting previous

sure it is

you’re just joining the stream

some of that is bound to still be in the water

water is life
quenches thirst
extinguishes infernos

but water also carries disease
malaria – ask those folks about water.

thousands drown in the same
hurricane-churned waters in which
they’d frolicked days before

water carries life and death at once

why continue to be surprised?

the dream of utopia is futile
there is no castle on a cloud

Gilead or Hunger Games far more likely
as we are coming to see

Lady Atwood knew her shit.
still knows it, by the way

It pains me to watch her age –
we won’t have her forever
but there will be another prophetess
just as she replaced the prophets

even H.G. Wells.

The future ain’t so grand, folks.


there is always a resistance,
so. there is always hope
that one day we won’t wake up

to poisoned water.

This is my #SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) offering. The rule is NO EDITING, which I will continue to point out is SUPER, DUPER difficult for me.


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