What does it say
when you’ve gotten your way
and you say to me
I still want more?

Is it something with me,
the way we’ve built “we”,
or might there be
holes at Your Core?

if yes, it’s on you
I’m just staples and glue
this structure’s strength
will be found in Your Drawer.

Man, I sound like an ass,
should I give you a pass
and keep leaving you
gems on the shore?

Because that would be easy
and you’d feel oh so breezy
as you always find gifts
at The Door.

But buying your love
is the end I’m afraid of
I’ll go broke,
and you’ll think me a bore.

I love you completely,
it’s there, quite concretely;
must be Your Chore.

This is dedicated to everyone (including myself) whose love I’ve tried to “buy” over the years. Love or don’t love – but ultimately, contentedness is an individual responsibility. I will never be enough for you. You will never be enough for me. Therein lies the challenge. (Hint – self-love is step #1).

All a bit preachy, I know – Sorrynotsorry. It’s where I am this morning.


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