I’m having another of those mornings where nothing is coming to mind about which to write anything salient or satisfying.

It would be easiest (and perhaps best?) if I just shut the computer and drank my coffee in peace. BUT, I was just telling someone yesterday about the importance of putting something down, hitting “Publish”, and having it OUT THERE, no matter how much I hate it. Some people drag their asses out of bed for Planet Fitness™ every morning (God bless ’em), even though they will never look like THAT guy on the elliptical, jamming to something obviously cool on his AirPods™. It’s sort of the same thing, except writing does nothing for my muscle tone.

Hang on, gotta finish my muffin, and I don’t want to get crumbs on the keyboard.

OK, back.

Some random things I’ve noticed this week – in basic 5-7-5 haiku form. Don’t try to make sense of the string of haiku in order (fun fact – the plural of haiku is haiku), unless they DO make sense in order, then praise me mightily for my cleverness and share with all your friends. I thank you in advance.

Tried and True

real friends stick around
over years of stone silence
you know who you are

Flavor of the Week?

new friends spice up life
they may last, or they may not.
my today tastes good

#Proud, Boys?

many hate “real” life
and long to live on TV.

Neat Freak

kept things clean for years
and what did that all lead to?

Irksome Tasks

work is just plain WORK.
asks for much with too little.
glad to have a job?


Yeah, I guess.

Gotta go.

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