morose less?

I’ve been challenged to be less morose
But I might as well be comatose
Life around me ain’t grand
Lots of sea but no land
But don’t worry – won’t say “adios”

Life worth living must not be ignored
Even when what’s observed has you floored
While it hurts somewhat now
In the end you’ll know how
To stay more or less out of the ward

So I guess in a way that was funny
But don’t worry – I’ll never be “punny”
I’ve a dark sense of humor
Telling jokes ’bout a tumor
No one ever will label me “sunny”

But now back to the challenge before me
Write some funnylovecartoonish… (bore thee)
Can’t be done, I’m afraid
it would just be charade
read or don’t read – the choice it shall yours be


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