not in on the joke

“sup, Erb?” I asked,
of my old friend, the owl
who was waking quite early, for once.
the moon not yet risen,
yet still, here he was,
he looked at me as if a dunce.

“The Party!” he said,
with a grin on his face,
(which is frightful when born with a beak);
“It’s happening soon,
I must rise and take flight”
then his basket emitted a squeak.

“Appetizers!” he cried,
“It’s ‘the thing’, don’t you know?”
(but I didn’t, as I don’t get out much).
“And there’s also a game,
oh, I hardly can wait!”
(I was clueless and quite out of touch).

“here’s the thing,” he explained,
“it’s the reason I’m giddy;
it’s not just for any old bird.”
Apparently invites
were sent to the best;
only excellent owls – Oh. My. Word.

His eyes glowing brightly,
I pictured the scene;
he tends to be fairly reclusive.
but when with other owls,
maybe more like a magpie;
brought into a group so exclusive.

“Superb Owls” he marveled,
“a fest just for US”
(I admit that it sounded attractive);
And why not?
He should chance to be happy and gay,
as his social life tends toward inactive.

He lifted off,
clutching mouse-parcel in talons;
away to a night full of… fun?
I hope when he gets there,
he doesn’t feel silly;
the invite was merely a pun.

Frank’s challenge this week: Write a poem about the Superb Owl

About #FFFocus:

Frank Chloupek holds a PhD in Physics from The Ohio State University. We have been friends since our undergraduate days at Michigan State University over 30 years ago.

Frank hates poetry

(except for any and all Limericks about a certain boy from Nantucket).

He provides challenges, topics, themes, rules to guide whatever gets put together on Fridays.

If you would like to join the weekly challenge, feel free! Just reference “Frank’s Friday Focus” (#FFFocus) on your own page, provide a pingback (paste the URL link someplace in your post) to this page, and copy/paste the link to your entry into the comment section below.

Thanks, and have fun!

There’s your challenge and background — White a poem about the Superb Owl


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