Learn THIS before THAT

Thanks to the beauty of pandemic virtual learning
and a recent trip through 6th grade algebra – AGAIN
(I’m 52 – not built for this),
I rediscovered how to


using the “distributive property”:

“In mathematics, the distributive property of binary operations generalizes the distributive law from Boolean algebra and elementary algebra. In propositional logic, distribution refers to two valid rules of replacement. The rules allow one to reformulate conjunctions and disjunctions within logical proofs.”

For example, in arithmetic:

2 ⋅ (1 + 3) = (2 ⋅ 1) + (2 ⋅ 3), but 2 / (1 + 3) ≠ (2 / 1) + (2 / 3).


No, really, it simplifies things.

Let me explain it my way.

In an expression like THIS:

4(12 + 4y)

you can “distribute” the “4” across the expression inside the parentheses by multiplying 4 by each item:

4(12 + 4y) = (4*12) + (4*4y)

further simplified would be 48+16y

Here comes my POINT…

(if you’re still reading, you’re a trooper – God bless you)

In all the wisdom of a 12 year old, my son said:

“OK, that’s cool, but I still don’t know what “y” is, so who cares?”

Out of the mouths of babes…

“No, son, you don’t. But with a little more information,
it will now be MUCH easier to solve for “y”.

You need to learn THIS before you can learn THAT.

And that’s really enough truth for one day, I think.

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