faded glory

Try as I might,
I just can’t see the beauty.
Can’t see the NOW;
past and future On Duty.

Look at these leaves
in autumnal last stages.
Some love This Chapter,
but I’ve read All the Pages.

I’ve seen the sweet vibrance
of summer leaves verdant;
I equate green with Life,
though it’s all inadvertent

I could easily see life
in the orange, yellow, red;
If I didn’t know Now
that these colors mean Dead.

This picture, for instance;
look Down to see hues.
Above us, bare branches;
get used to those views.

Changing and falling;
these leaves know their course.
It’s part of the cycle;
like marriage – not divorce.

Green comes again;
fall is less than forlorn.
Death leads to Life;
so tomorrow – a new morn.

See the beauty at Present;
not what Was or Will Be.
Easy Said – Harder Done;
I can speak just for me.

This week let’s explore Vibrance, or seek something else to inspire you in this photograph of the last vibrance of fading autumn decaying on a forest path.

The Pic and a Word Challenge is (usually) a weekly creativity prompt offered Mondays.


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