Yes! Oh, Yes! Oh…No, Not Yet.

I pictured a day where I only said “yes”;
no matter the question, the dare, or the test.
Just what would that look like, a day with no “no”s?
I thought through scenarios, and well… here goes.

“Dad, can we stay home from school?” (question one);
an easy one here, days off from school are such fun.
YES, yes, and yes – stay in jammies all day!
One day free of “learning”, you won’t lose your way.


This may not be quite as simple as planned;
already I’m feeling the clench of “responsible” hand,
clamped on my neck, telling which things are “right”.
And just the first question – I best hold on tight.

“Hey, take the day off, and just hang with me”
my wife now proposes a “yes” that should be
as easy as pie – all the work there can wait,
but anxieties rise as I see next day’s fate.

Sure, the world won’t stop spinning if one day I skip,
but I’ll have to catch up – with “them” cracking the whip.
Thought this day would be easy, agreeing to all;
I’m finding I’m wired to fret big and small.

So cut all that wiring! Say YES and live life!
ignore consequences, forget all the strife.
What if I did it? Just how would it look?
I’d do it if I knew the end of the book.

It’s all the unknowns that now give me great pause
I like to know outcomes, you know, just… because
But fear of the future has kept me locked tight
Over half of a century – that just isn’t right.

So maybe start small; more “yes” here and there;
Still in bed in my vision, so ALL DAY brings a scare.
Think I know how to start, with a rule I can follow;
If my “no” needs a “why not”, then “yes” I can swallow.

This week, Frank’s challenge was: “What if I said Yes to Everything?” No real restrictions on form, though make it of decent length

About #FFFocus:

Frank Chloupek holds a PhD in Physics from The Ohio State University. We have been friends since our undergraduate days at Michigan State University over 30 years ago.

Frank hates poetry

(except for any and all Limericks about a certain boy from Nantucket).

He provides challenges, topics, themes, rules to guide whatever gets put together on Fridays.

If you would like to join the weekly challenge, feel free! Just reference “Frank’s Friday Focus” (#FFFocus) on your own page, provide a pingback (paste the URL link someplace in your post) to this page, and copy/paste the link to your entry into the comment section below.

Thanks, and have fun!


  1. :::scratches head::: I tried to find a link to Frank’s Friday Focus on your post and there wasn’t anything (I could find) that took us back to the original prompt site. And it sounds interesting! Gotta love a physicist! Then when I tried searching in reader under your tags I still came up blank. (Which makes me wonder if Frank’s is not a WP site?) help?

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