this morning I woke by myself in my bed
instantly sensing a strange sense of dread
had dozed off to South Park – that’s odd on its own
awake – TV glowing – and I’m all alone

thanks to the time change, not sure of the clocks;
not quite 5? not quite 6? the altered chronograph mocks
my wife’s side of the covers had ne’er been turned down;
now that’s just peculiar, I thought with a frown

adrenaline pumping – there’s something not right;
every light in the house on – no still of the night
I come down the stairs, see my daughter emerge;
still dressed, wide awake, and I’m on the verge

whatthehell’sgoingon? because none of this fits;
still piecing together these weird moving bits
in the boy’s bedroom – lights on – but sleeping at least;
wish I could say that my dread had decreased

At last found my wife, sleeping right where she’d been
when I’d gone up last night at a quarter to ten.
she’d fallen asleep in the place where she was
and decided to stay – she occasionally does

so all is not “normal”, but still it’s “okay”;
my brain is awhir from the dust of the fray
I’ll sit down and write just to help it make sense;
brain feeling askew and my body quite tense

but penned rhyming couplets – not helping this time
and “time” is the thing that gave birth to this rhyme
so I’ll wrap up, I guess, and go on with the day
the coffee cup’s empty – so




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