Winged Haunt

I Came Out
A Butterfly.
Nary a year gone by
Since Full Emergence.

Sublime Symbolism
As Larval Liquid morphed into
Magnificent Monarch

Other creatures fly

The hideous harpyiæ
of the agonizing

girl-faced things they are;
abominable their droppings,
their hands are talons,
their faces haggard
with hunger insatiable

Imagine –

I might have ingested
The life-lending
Anti-agathic and
Been your winged haunt
For all eternity.

Wasting your World
with Wind.

As a “Snatcher”
I could stir up
a storm, sow
cyclonic discord
into your fondest fantasy
and whisk you away
into the boundless abyss

Forever misfortuned
By unforgiving Furies.

The butterfly
is looking even better

isn’t it?

It really is

You’re Welcome.

Finally, our prompt (optional, as always). I’m calling this one “Past and Future.” This prompt challenges you to write a poem using at least one word/concept/idea from each of two specialty dictionaries: Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary and the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction. A hat tip to Cathy Park Hong for a tweet that pointed me to the science fiction dictionary and to Hoa Nguyen for introducing me to the Classical Dictionary.

My word from the Classical Dictionary was “Harpyiæ” (Harpy):

My word from the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction was “Anti-Agathic”:


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