Son of the Right Side


Ben Yamin‎


The boy who grew up
on the Right Side.

At The Right Hand.

Of everything

and everyone.

“the perfect name for any parents’ little buddy.”

Little Buddy


Man, that kid was


Still is.

Some rabbinic traditions
present a Benjamin
who died without sin.


One of Four to manage that
in some Ancient Texts.

Benjie tried that.

Oh, Little Buddy…

It doesn’t work.

For anyone.

Live into your name!


The place of honor
The place of status

Right next to the proud parent.

It was given to you.

And Benjamin…

There is
for You
To Earn.

And last but not least, our (optional) prompt for the day. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that delves into the meaning of your first or last name. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at this poem by Mark Wunderlich, appropriately titled “Wunderlich.”


  1. ‘Carrie’ means ‘free man.’ But it can also mean ‘joy’ when it’s short for Carlotta, which is believed to be how it became popular in the US. Ironic.


      1. Freedom and joy are a state of mind, not constrained to our physical limitations. I know that sounds a bit trite and patronizing, but it’s SO, SO true:

        “The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

        John Milton – Paradise Lost


      2. I taught “Paradise Lost,” and I had my kids write down that quote. But the title uses ‘lost’ and that’s how I feel most of the time in the past year.


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