MAYbe Day 2021 – #SoCS

Maybe in May I may now stray
From rhyming verse for 30 and a day…



I can hear the rejoicing already (settle down, Frank and Dawn – scientists… yeesh).

Just to be clear, what I MAY do and what I MAY NOT do has everything to do with what I want to do and not with what I think YOU want me to do.


That, at least, is my goal. It isn’t easy.

This journey to finding BenWorld (52 years and counting!) has necessitated a pretty wild pendulum swing from überpleaser of absolutely EVERYONE ELSE to this time of really and truly exploring what brings ME peace, joy, and happiness.

And when that pendulum swings past the midpoint…

it MAY look a little self-absorbed.

“Good luck with your self-discovery, Ben!”

Sorry, not sorry.

See, here’s the thing about a pendulum… gravity isn’t going to let it stay stuck one way or the other for long. And my ultimate goal is to stop the swinging altogether. But, as with my grandfather clock, as long as the weights are pulling down on the clockworks, the pendulum swings.

And swings.

And swings.

I do have options. I can wait until the weights reach the bottom and then not wind them up again.


I can just take the weights off the chains right now.


I MAY just do that.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “may.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

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