Sometimes we feel the world is ours
Until we see we have a missing piece
Soon, the search exhausts all powers
And then we’re tired and still without release

Now sense of loss and searching all must cease

“Do You” supportive friends will say
And so I will, but also others dear
No selfish actor will I stay
In time my care of self toward you will steer

Else none of us will be of cheer
Love for all will wither sere

Biding time while time bids for our hearts
Enough! The house will pocket money every time.
New games we’ll play that don’t involve a crime

Such bliss we never knew now in the grasp
Though milder souls look on and let a gasp
E’en those who knew us know us not
Vain attempts at telling us we “ought”

Early on, we knew what we had bought

A kitchen table – ’round which now we sit
One with a leaf so big we all can fit
Kind hearts and heads prevail as we permit
The happenings to happen as they’re writ.

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