kitchentablepollyanna – clean up

And lo, the clock chimes, dinner’s done
The chairs slide out and company departs
This certain gath’ring has been fun
Now, write a guest list for new counterparts

Some new someones with whom to share our hearts

Some saw before what I see now
This table setting isn’t right for all
all good things end – just anyhow
perhaps we tried to walk before the crawl?

(mixed metaphor – I’m feeling small;
back to the kitchen table scrawl)

Lay out the stoneware, silver, too
The steak is grilled as rare as times before
And pray when plates are empty they’ll want more

The dishes clean, I’m looking through my list
Just who is keen to meet us in the midst?
Sounds like a game – it’s really not
We’re just beyond that foul word – “ought”

Early on, we knew what we had bought

A kitchen table – ’round which soon we’ll sit
One with a leaf so big we all can fit
Kind hearts and heads prevail as we permit
The happenings to happen as they’re writ.

As the title suggests, this is a follow-up to the poem, “kitchentablepollyanna“. Read in order, they have something of a Song of Innocence/Song of Experience cadence (I think).

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