Silver Linings

It’s been a rough week. Mood has been low, and I’ve just wanted to sleep all the time. Unfortunately, this isn’t unusual. I cycle through it from time to time. Sometimes I can key in on something that triggered it, and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I can put my various techniques to work that I’ve picked up along the way and pull myself out of it, and sometimes I can’t.

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

But I’ve learned to recognize it as part of my overall cycle, and that DOES help. It also helps to have those around me say the “downs” have decreased in frequency and that I don’t spend nearly as long in the dumps as I used to.

All good things.

Finding good in the bad. That’s my new hobby. It’s a bit of a switch for someone who has spent most of ghis life finding the 1% wrong amidst the 99% right. Perfectionists do that. Yes, it makes us good.

Very good. At pretty much everything.

It also makes us terribly unhappy and discontent.

That’s gotten kinda old. Not gonna lie.

So, check me on this: if you see me fault-finding (in myself, in others, in my work, in the weather…), ask me if I’ve looked for and celebrated the good yet. If I’m complaining, I probably haven’t…

And need to.


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