Somewhere – Some. Where?

I gasped, agog, at the gaping maw
Ready to swallow me whole
And once I was gone, t’was as empty as ever
in wait for the next unsuspecting poor soul

Looks like it should fill up
with purpose and life,
But just what that purpose is
And what life resembles
continually remains somewhere
just out of reach.

Because the hollow never fills.

That’s just a perception;
I know it’s not true.
The hunger within
I attempt to undo.

So I’ll enter the cavern
Again and again
Then invite you to join me;
Somewhere – emptiness ends.


The Pic and a Word Challenge is (usually) a weekly creativity prompt offered Mondays.

Photo Credit:
Patrick Jennings

The Great Hollow
Britannia Mine Museum Concentrator
Britannia Beach
British Columbia, Canada

Pictures from home, 2021

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