Somehow Sustained

“Admitting weakness makes us strong”
A paradox for certain
How can a “right” seem oh so wrong
Revealed by open curtain?

They said that healing went like this
I dreamt myself… exception?
No messy parts – the gore you’d miss
Then bandage off… perfection.

The time to show – inopportune
I’ve other ventures waiting
But in this state – feel like a loon
Assured he, she – me – hating

I meant to share – in my own time
(my body laughs at planning)
With care, you’d see the bloom sublime
My denouement – enchanting

E’er hesitant – I give you bits;
Those never meant for proffer,
And wonder how the odd piece fits;
Assume rejected offer.

Then mouth agape, I see you stay
How can you look on me this way?
I long to shod these feet of clay
Instead I sense my fears allay

This “strength through weakness” stuff – who knew?
I think I know – it seems ’twas you
You stand by me in love so true
Somehow sustained through black and blue.

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