Sonnet XL: Refocusing

I have a friend who lost a son last year;
Then there’s the one whose family cut him off.
Oh wait! The neighbor’s cancer reappeared;
And virus thrives in ev’ry frightened cough.
It just gets worse; the list goes on and on;
I’d spend the nights and days to get them all.
But cataloging makes me feel a pawn;
I’ll start to count the times we rise – not fall.
We’ve love beyond all reason ’round about;
I love her, she loves me, and we love him.
I have good work which gives us spending clout;
And frequent flyer miles to travel on a whim.
I safely live no longer “in” but “out”,
And so I celebrate the good around;
The bad’s still there – I’ll let the best abound.


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