NaPoWriMo – Day 8

And now for our daily (optional) prompt. This is another oldie-but-goodie. I remember being assigned to use it in a college poetry class, and loving the result. It really pushes you to use specific details, and to work on “conducting” the poem as it grows, instead of trying to force the poem to be one thing or another in particular. The prompt is called the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects,” and was originally developed by Jim Simmerman. And the challenge is to use them all in one poem.

Night was pregnant with the promise of a breathing day
We have the Republicans to thank for pregnancy, you know.
Wanted or otherwise.
Thank the stars for Trump

and pray morning comes quickly.

I can’t believe the hatred I see
The hypocrisy I hear
So intense…
I can even taste and smell the decay.
It’s as bile in my throat.

Oh to stop feeling all of this;
to wall myself off in my own private…

But I can’t – walls are for cowards
And Idaho is for standoffs with federal agents
Stuck in the dark,
Waiting for a day
that never seems to come.

Thanks for nothing, you Grand Old Party
you Guilty Of Plenty
you Gluttons Of Perfidy
You, the fully willing and witting
vehicle of Trumpian

A vehicle gasping, running on the fumes
of a generation on its last legs
Where representation no longer matters.
They are all deep in the spacious pockets of “Special Interests”…
Playing pool, apparently.

Que sería de mí,?
Little Benjie, all grown up
Newly rebellious
Ready to overthrow… what?

If we tear it down, can it be rebuilt?
What would stand in its place?
We dream of Shangri-La,


will we watch another Mar-a-Lago
rise from the void?

The sacred halls of “justice”
no longer answer with impartiality;
They just vacation
On someone else’s dime

Millions and millions of dimes.

You da man, Clarence.
Get it while you can.

It may be the only thing Clarence gets.

The court’s black robes
Simply mirror the endless night
From which we long to wake

I long to wake.

You don’t, you say?
Fair enough.

It’s a (cough) free (cough) country, after all.

And staying asleep
in the dark
in the night
is your choice.

Your uninformed


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