We can’t always live In the daylight…

Picked by Default

I prayed daily for the (disappointingly rare) “indoor recess” which would protect me from having to reveal any further my painfully evident dearth of kinesthetic intelligence.

600 Miles

In a virtual world,
what are
several hundred
two… nine…

Missed It

The Magi showed up / And revealed / Divinity

No Words

I have nothing to write today, so I colored. Here is my contribution to the cosmos.


This is how it will always be.

Then What?

In general, I find a great deal of peace and predictability in the turning of the liturgical seasons. In other ways, it’s tremendously troublesome.

Always waiting. Always looking for what’s next. “OK, that one’s done, and I guess it didn’t ‘work’ either. What do we wait for next?”