Yep. Life is Still Messy

It happens every time – probably at least a dozen times since blogging became popular… I read an entry by a dear friend or a perfect stranger which impacts me in one way or another and think, “I need to do this.”  I sit down, peruse my blog options, create an account, and…


Well, not “nothing” exactly,  but the “something” I produce is inevitably self-criticized into oblivion.  Why?  Take that sentence for example:  “inevitably self-criticized into oblivion”? No one talks or writes that way, and if he does, he’s pretentious.  Sigh.  Other reasons:  “That’s too personal – maybe I should publish an anonymous blog”; “That will offend some of my friends and family”; “It’s boring – no one will want to read this”.  The list could go on.

But I’m back.  Of course, this is a draft which may never see the light of anyone’s glowing screen, but still… I’m back.  And not anonymously.  If this ends up being anything, it will be mine and will bear my name – good, bad, read or unread.  Mine.  And yours.  And isn’t that the point?

I am blessed to have spent my life so far surrounded by hard-working, deep-thinking, quick-witted, well-spoken, well-read, well-written, and well-loved friends and family.  As a voracious reader for 40+ years, I have devoured volumes of written word, and while I rarely read something I completely embrace, I also rarely find my time spent with a book devoid of value.  Each has touched me – some in profound ways, others in ways nearly imperceptible – and each of those touches has resulted in who I am today.

Who I am today is still a work in progress.  I think I’ve finally realized I will always be in progress, and accepting that is freeing me to sit at my laptop and tell you (and myself) where I’ve been and where I am, even if that means admitting I DON’T HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT.

Everyone’s journey is unique, but in many ways, each is the same as well.  That is the power of the blog, and that is why I’m here.


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