So, ever since my first post, I’ve been thinking about where to go from here.  I have a bunch of topics, and I’m not sure where to start.  I’m still not completely sure, but I’m sure enough that I’m actually going to keep doing this that I thought some words of warning, caveats, needed to be written.

First, as a life-long Christian, much of my experience is viewed through that lens, so many of my posts will by necessity be “Christian” inasmuch as the thoughts are mine, and I am a Christian.  I make no claim of being more correct than another in theology or orthodoxy, and in no way will I intend to belittle or judge anyone else’s theology, orthodoxy, or lack thereof.

As someone who spent 10 years in vocational ministry (nearly a quarter of my life, and I bet many of you never even knew that about me), a lot of my reflections necessarily involve those years.  Not all of my reflections are happy ones, but again, in my blogging, there will be no intent to hurt or defame anyone I worked alongside, many of whom are still actively ministering.

My university education and first 5 years of “grown up” vocation were in public education (music education, to be precise), so I have a lot of reflections from that period as well. While I ultimately decided teaching was not for me, I have nothing but respect for the profession, and again, anything I have to say about teaching should by no means be read as disrespect for the noble office of educator.

Finally (I think), I’m a human.  And if you are one as well, you know we are imperfect on our very best days.  I’m hoping some of my trip through life as a fellow human will interest and inform others.  I don’t pretend (ever) to “have it all together”, and I distrust anyone who says they do.  With that in mind, you can choose or not choose to follow me through my mind as it unfolds here.  And if you make the choice to join me… thank you.

Let’s go!

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