dividing by zero

two dads

not the gay kind
might have been
an improvement

would have been

one dad, then a divorce
then another dad
other numbers in play – all relevant
the result is always the same

seems like simple math

sometimes it helps to think
a clever theorem was at work
add them together
maybe you get 3.1415923

pi is mysterious and magical – also irrational

but the real equation was worse.
use the subtraction symbol
or division
or both. (1 + 1) / (1 – 1)

you do the math

all dads try their best
I get that now
God knows I try
my best. and to get it

math was never my strong suit

one – the original
physically absent
but worse.
when present… not

the whole – is not always greater than the sum of its parts.

two – the replacement.
far. too. present.

north poles of our magnets – repelling

no matter how many times
I fill the spreadsheet cells
with the correct data
the result. is always. an error.


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