Night Before the Fall

There was a night
when everything was still

and still perfect

who would have guessed
that tomorrow would bring

the beginning of the end
the end of the beginning

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

I have everything I need
everything I want

perfect gifts from a perfect Creator

ONE thing has been denied
and that one thing
I must have

So tomorrow
in the early morning dew
though I lie under flawless beauty tonight
I will grasp for more

because God knows

God knows
more than I know,
and I can’t have that.

so I will have THAT.

in spite of all THIS.

and though I will bring
THE Curse
upon myself
upon everyone

the ability
to choose
to compare
to need what I do not need
feels like a curse I already carry.

all I need are these stars

oh, that this night would never end

but it will.


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