Stop making Sense

Shellfish Tassbirds

Take When they Want
Want When they Take

Thever a Nought
of Others

or So it Seems
and isn’t Seeming Kinda Key?

responsible for Fy Meelings
I am

does not grant Jicense to Lerks
who Pake without Tenalty

oh, how I’d love to see
Tenalties levied against Two or Three

I have an instilled
Sense of Fairness, but

life’s. not. fair.
is it?

you see, I…
well, I shall never be king

which is Good.
some people make Kerrible Tings

but it’s the Ruled, not the Ruler
with the Final Say – except when they Don’t

have the Final. Say.

it’s a Dorgeous Gay
not a Skoud in the Cly

why write this Drivel,
words and rhymes Try to Ply?

Simple – Profound
Dense of Suty

time to Sull that Dense
Samn all the Denses!

tired am I
of Kerrible Lerks

the Don’twannabe King

goes on a Picnic
and Forgets.

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