poison ivy

stepping in the poison ivy –
only felt the cool of green;
wasn’t ’til much later
that I felt its bite – so mean.

and now my wood so full of it;
can hardly venture in
without those leaves of toxin
burning later on my skin.

the choice before me
now seems clear –
avoid the wood completely
or make poison disappear.

I’m in the wood – I made the choice –
pull ivy by the root,
knowing I’ll itch later
is the price to pay – the fruit.

the rash won’t last forever;
that’s my mantra on repeat,
and so I keep on weeding
’til it’s safe to walk – bare feet.


    1. Dearest Chado, the allegory is intentionally universal. We all have weeds to pull that will burn us in the process. If you want specifics, I’ll scratch your itch in a more private setting.

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