See Nothing

in abstraction
allows you to see anything

or nothing at all

ink and alcohol on ceramic tile
by Emily Kohns

When I See Nothing
I don’t like what I see.
All that is left are feelings

Aquatic Cool Serenity.
Stay there
Stay there
Stay there

Eye tracks left to right;
Feelings flow along.
Can’t stay cool forever

Yes, you can.
Stay there
Stay there
Stay there

The warming purple
muddles head and heart

A transition –
but also a barrier
a fence

a big beautiful border wall
between Cold and Hot
Peace and Passion
Head and Heart

Keep. Them. Apart.
at all costs.

None shall pass.
Stay there
Stay there
Stay there

But the eye tracks right…

Heart refuses to stay
and obey.

Look how long purple

As it flows
into the orange-red heat
of Passion


I wish I saw
and felt
the warmth there
but I only see destruction


don’t ask me to See Nothing

This is the third poem in a triptych based on this piece of art:


See Something

See Nothing


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